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Nature & Wildlife

As one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands, nature and wildlife are plentiful should you choose to explore the island. With gorgeous landscapes, picturesque sunsets and natural wonders, the island has plenty of gems to be discovered for the avid adventurer.

Barbados amazes across a number of plains, but with every turn around every corner, the natural beauty of the island leaves visitors awestruck. The subtropical climate has allowed a grandiose array of animals and wildlife to grow within the island and it’s something that we’re all very proud to be a part of at Virgo Villas.

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Huntes gardens

A visit to Hunte's Gardens for nature lovers is not to be missed as it offers one of the finest experiences to be found on the East Caribbean islands

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Welchman hall gully

Experience Barbados as the settlers found it!

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Andromeda Gardens

Andromeda Gardens located in Bathsheba, Parish of St Joseph and was established by the renowned Iris Bannochie as a private family garden.

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Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve occupies four acres of mahogany forest with meandering brick paths, a great family day out.

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The Flower Forest

The Flower Forest is a perfect place to retreat, breathe the pure, clean oxygen in the easterly breezes that have just crossed an entire ocean.

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Swim with some of the world’s most unique sea creatures

A wander to the beach with a snorkel and fins in hand from one of our luxury villas on Barbados’ West Coast will have you in what we think is nature's most colourful playground, the Caribbean Sea. As you wander through the bays on the West Coast, you might even meet some of the world's rarest sea creatures amongst the large variety of fishes. The rarest of turtles live off the coast of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea, so it’s common that our visitors will see the rare leatherback and hawksbills turtles as well as the occasional dolphin and even whales.

Watch out for some of the most colourful birds

A popular island activity is bird watching or birding, and Barbados is a Mecca with over one hundred different species at any one time. Interestingly, according to only 20 bird species actually reside in the Caribbean island so many you see, like you, might be on their holidays.

A Caribbean island made for hiking

A hike along one of the many inland trails or even a more simple coastal pathway will bring you face-to-face with a number of the island’s most mischievous residents; the green monkey which can often be found eating on a sugar cane stick. The unspoilt natural beauty makes Barbados a great hiking destination to uncover some of nature's hidden gems – all before a quick dip in the crystal clear waters and a dinner at a world-renowned restaurant.

To visit the very best spots on this jewel of the Caribbean, it’s important to allow some time for adventuring. You’ll uncover some of the most hidden spots off the beaten path, with help from our friendly team or local concierges. Think secluded beaches, hidden caves and swim spots that only the locals know about. We can’t wait to amaze you.