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Explore Barbados

We find it almost impossible task to sum up Barbados but if we had to give it a try “stunning beaches coupled with natural beauty, a rich cultural heritage, culinary excellence … a warm welcome is guaranteed!”

Gorgeous sunsets, historic rum distilleries, pristine beaches and turquoise water may grab the headlines, but there are many pleasures of paradise not to be missed on this highly popular and developed Caribbean island. From lively Bajan festivals to botanical gardens, jagged cliffs with unrivalled views of the Atlantic over soaring palm trees, it’s the ideal island for adventure or a tranquil escape.

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On the beach

The West Coast, also known as the “Platinum Coast” is adored for its pristine beaches. It’s rather sheltered, facing onto the Caribbean Sea so there is a beautiful blend of gentle waves, soft fine white sand and outstanding sunsets. There are also plenty of hidden gems in the form of bays, but our friendly team can guide you through the top spots we know you’ll come to adore, from Mullins Beach to Paynes Bay, Paradise Beach, Carlisle Bay and Gibbes Beach.

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Eat and Drink

The national dish of Barbados is cou-cou (made with cornmeal and okra) and fried flying fish with spicy gravy. It’s a staple of food that can be served in different ways, so it’s not uncommon to find this dish fried, steamed, baked, pickled or barbecued. Barbados’ rum is also world famous for its quality and taste, but there’s something very special in learning about the history of this famous drink from knowledgeable Bajan people, after all it is the home of rum! If you’re a rum devotee, it’s well worth visiting Mount Gay Rum Visitors Centre, which is home to the world’s oldest rum, as well as the sugar plantation at St Nicholas Abbey.

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Culture and Festivals

Barbados is home to some of the Caribbean’s most vibrant festivals, so whether you’re an avid foodie, a reggae lover or a seasoned traveller who loves nothing more than immersing yourself with dynamic cultures, we can help you plan your stay in line with one or a few of the biggest Caribbean festivals.

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Nature and Wildlife

Botanical gardens, beautiful flora, fabulous fauna, rugged cliffs and crystal clear waters set the scene for a haven of wildlife, including:

  • Leatherback and hawksbill turtles
  • Translucent whistling frogs
  • Mongoose
  • Bats
  • Green Lizards
  • Hummingbirds
  • Bajan green monkeys
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Whether you’re looking for a small and sociable bar packed with Caribbean character, an extravagant cocktail bar with colourful drinks crafted by Bajan mixologists or a spectacular dance show, you can find plenty of stunning venues to suit all tastes. Bridgetown is well known for its classy bars, restaurants and rum shops, whilst Harbour Lights is the ideal location to catch a dazzling show.

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Sport & Adventure

Sports are at the heart of Barbadian culture, and whether you’re a fan of tennis, golf, cricket, basketball, football, golf or horse racing, there are plenty of enthralling live events to attend during your stay. If you prefer to be playing rather than watching, why not combine your holiday with some time on a pristine tennis court or beautifully maintained golf course. There are many options to choose from.

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Activities and Days out

From relaxing stays at spa retreats to submarine rides, cave exploration, sugar plantation visits and tours of rum distilleries, there are countless ways to spend your days. Whether you require a little local guidance on the top places to visit or a detailed, expertly crafted itinerary, we can provide a high quality service to ensure your holiday is stress-free from start to finish.

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