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Swimming with turtles

Barbados is home to Hawksbill, Leatherback and Green turtles and swimming with them is a truly memorable experience not to be missed!

Thanks to the conservation work of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project over the past 25 years, there are many opportunities to see these beautiful creatures during your vacation on the island.

Though it’s possible to spot turtles around 6 to 10 metres off the shore of most beaches, there are a few beaches which seem to attract more of them. You can swim out on your own to see them, but you will need your own snorkelling equipment and some sort of flag or marker so that small craft using the water will know you’re there and can avoid colliding with you.

Paynes Bay beach is one of the best locations on the West Coast to swim with turtles. Just swim out from the shore and you’re bound to come across a turtle sooner or later. If you’ve been snorkelling for a while and haven’t spotted one, look for a cluster of catamarans or glass-bottomed boats anchored offshore. Their crews usually throw fish into the water to attract the turtles, so feel free to swim out and join the fun.

Alleyne’s Bay is another great spot for swimming with turtles. Again, clusters of catamarans and other small craft usually mean feeding is going on and turtles are around.

Carlisle Bay, further south along the west coast, is another great place to swim with sea turtles. There are a couple of boating clubs in the area and the bay can get quite busy the further out you swim, so make sure you’re wearing your flag and are easy to spot.

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